Windermere real estate is the Pacific Northwest’s premier real estate company. Well known in the communities for their level of professionalism. Windermere real estate consistently ranks at the top in the entire region for real estate sales and Property Management. 

  Our property manager is Brad Gregory who is the President of Gregory Property Management, Inc. We proudly operate under the Windermere banner and are committed to the Windermere level of professionalism and expert service. 

Your property benefits from the knowledge and experience collected over 21 years in the business. Years of experience with tenant relations, Landlord Tenant law, construction, maintenance and repair.

We are located in Kirkland, just off of I-405. We chose this location to be central to the properties that we manage. 

We only manage properties within 20 miles of our office. Staying within this specific geographic area ensures that your property manager is not far away when an emergency arises.  We are more likely to drive by to check out the condition of the yard, swing by to help out a tenant, or to take a look at a requested repair before calling out a repairman. 

We are committed to providing the highest level of service for you and your property.