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Windermere NE / Gregory Property Management is a residential property management company specializing in single family homes and individual condos in the cities of Kirkland, Bellevue, Redmond, Bothell, Mill Creek and the surrounding communities.

We do not manage commercial properties, office buildings, retail space or homeowners’ associations.

Managing single family properties
is our specialty and our singular focus.


If a tenant gets off to a bad start, we are there to correct them and let them know what is expected before they get out of hand.

No other management company performs a 30 day inspection.

Your property will receive a full interior inspection every 4 months after that.

No other management company performs an inspection every 4 months

This is property management done right!

Quality Tenants

We find tenants faster and our tenants stay longer
3.5 years on average

Your profits increase with less vacancy and less tenant turnover.

we find quality tenants for your rental property
inhouse maintenance saves your money

In-House Maintenance
Saves You Money!

Our in-house maintenance policy provides the prompt service that the quality tenants desire. We save you a lot of money with not having to use an outside contractor for many typical repairs.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“I have worked with Windermere / Gregory Property Management for the past two years. I have found them to be excellent managers who provide a personalized service to clients in a timely manner. I would highly recommend this management company to any real estate investor.”

Dr. Dale M.

“I have found them to be knowledge-able, fair, and honest. Found quality tenants, kept me apprised of all issues that crop up, while taking care of them at reasonable cost.”

Mike W.

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